Partner with us

Window of Quebec (WoQ) is an innovative technology program of ZMQ Global to create awareness on racism and discrimination in society using digital stories. The program is supported by Canada Heritage under the Anti-Racism Action Program. We are looking at two level partnerships:

Level 1: We invite all interested organisations from Government, Corporate and NGO sector to partner with us in our endeavours to understand workplace issues of racial discriminations and documenting stories and issues. We will conduct workshops and story-labs to capture stories to build tools to combat racism and discrimination @workplace.

Level 2: We are looking to partners with humanitarian organisation, NGOs, Corporate CSR and Government agencies working in Quebec to setup the WoQ project & its tools. We will provide digital tools – like Digital Comics and Games for Policy-makers, Admin & HR Teams, Management Staff and above all the employees to understand issues of racism and discrimination and improve Inclusion at work place.

To Partner with Window of Quebec, please write to us at: