Window of Quebec

Building Diversity and Inclusion @ Workplace

Window of Quebec (WoQ) is an innovative technology program of ZMQ Global to create awareness on racism and discrimination in society using digital stories. The program is supported by Canada Heritage under the Anti-Racism Action Program. The larger objective of the program is to uphold values of diversity and & inclusion, and confront racism & discrimination at various levels. The digital stories will be developed in English and French, and made available on mobile phones (App) and YouTube. The stories will be disseminated through multiple modes like corporates, public events and social media.

The project takes its inspiration from ZMQ’s tested and proven model of YourStoryTeller (YST). The project is divided into three phases: Design, Digitize and Disseminate. The first phase of the program works with community-based organizations by conducting workshops to source various stories of experiences, both challenges and champions. The second phase of the program converts the experiences of communities into storyboard, validating it and converting them into digital stories. The third phase involves in dissemination of the digital storytelling in the corporate and communities as ‘Voices in the Community’.

WoQ is imbued philosophy of openness: open source, open data, and open process. Not only are the tools themselves free to use, modify, and redistribute, but all information gathered in the action are available to the public for analysis and discussion.